We Space Rising

Our mission is to help people tap into the transformative power of human connection and learn how to go on together as inter-connected beings.

What is We Space Rising?

We Space Rising addresses the challenge of the fragmented world. Separation of body, mind, and heart; being and doing; 'me' and 'others'; have caused massive disconnection and imbalance in our well being, family, society, nature, and the world.

Since the last decade, we-space practices as an experiential learning tool to develop higher relational competence and consciousness have gained momentum. A generative and harmonic way of thinking, doing, and being together becomes possible when we move beyond the separated-self conditioning and discover the we-in-the-I and the I-in-the-we. We Space Rising commits to support the movement and collective transformation that comes with it.

Through our series of meetups, podcasts, workshops, and practice labs, We Space Rising strives to make we-space conversations and practices more accessible to the world. A platform and movement to gather and share collective wisdom, bringing we-space pioneers and practitioners globally together and transform the world one group at a time.